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Guizhou Wumeng prairie

The prairie is located in the state city Wumeng disc Wumeng town and Ping Yi Township, in 2000 was named the provincial scenic area of Guizhou province in 2016 was named the provincial tourism resort in Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province, ecological sports (National) park and 100 tourist attractions of key construction projects. The elevation of the scenic area is 2000 meters to 2857 meters, which is the largest natural grassland in the southwest of china. The total area of 178 square kilometers, with 100 thousand acres of the unique plateau boundless grassland, 100 thousand acres of the high plateau a riot of colour Rhododendron forest, green environment plateau lake Tianchi general, extremely rare grassland natural landscape Buddha, there are financial insurance, male, odd, quiet, Gu Jun, in a cowshed Liangzi mountains and so on. These strange beautiful natural scenery and the prairie style allows you to dazzle, linger! Stop Wumeng prairie, close the eyes feel the prairie seasons flowers bloom, Fangyanwangqu surge high and sweep forward. The fog coincides with the moment, people in the cloud, cloud clouds in the foot, the wind rolled up thousand layer waves, as if into a fairyland, relaxed and happy, if you can see the Buddha, is a great blessing of life. Here, perhaps, we would like to be a green grass, a white cloud, a drop of water or a Rhododendron, in this beautiful place quietly drunk

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